About facade painting

Facade painting has history. For long it served as embellishment as well as two-dimensional support for architecture, which can still be admired today. Meanwhile technique and creative drive have been perfected and continued as popular means of external presentation.

Paintings on external walls give buildings a unique look. Paintings and writings on facades are beautiful to the eye and have an advertising appeal owing to its large-scale information. Colourful design always loosens up and attracts attention, whether on a dreary facade of an apartment building, firewall or garden house. At the same time facade painting is signalling constancy in the fast moving 21st century. Today’s silicate paint offers long-term colour-fastness as well as excellent facade protection.

Wall lettering OBJECTS Manufacturing

Wall lettering OBJECTS

Customer: OBJECTS Manufacturing Oberspree GmbH
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House wall in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Auftragsmalerei Kwast Berlin - Brick wall in house entrance

House wall in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Customer: Property management
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Facade painting Berlin, Turiner Str.

Fassadenmalerei - Berlin - Kwast - Fassade Turiner Str.

Facade painting Turiner Straße, Berlin

Customer: GESOBAU AG
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Facade painting – Fire department

Kwast-Fassadenmalerei-Feuerwehr Schieritzstrasse

Fire department Schieritzstraße, Berlin

Customer: Feuerwehrverein
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Facade painting – Berliner Seilfabrik

Kwast Fassadenmalerei - Berliner Seilfabrik GmbH & Co.

Facade painting Berliner Seilfabrik

Customer: Berliner Seilfabrik GmbH & Co.
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Facade painting Wollankstraße Berlin

Kwast - Fassademalerei - Wollankstrasse Berlin

Facade painting Wollankstraße, Berlin

Customer: Familie Küssner
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Fassadenbeschriftung Restaurant Salz & Pfeffer, Berlin-Zehlendorf

Kwast - Fassadenbeschriftung - Fassadenmalerei - Restaurant Salz und Pfeffer

Facade painting Restaurant, Berlin

Customer: Restaurant Salz & Pfeffer, Berlin
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Facade painting – Die kleine Seenadel

Kwast - Fassadenmalerei - Die kleine Seenadel

Facade painting »Die kleine Seenadel«

Customer: Fischlandverlag
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Facade painting – Volksfaden-Laden

Kwast - Fassadenmalerei - Volksfaden-Laden

Facade painting Volksfaden-Laden

Customer: private
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Facade painting Stuck

Kwast - Fassadenmalerei - Stuckmalerei

Facade painting Stuck

Customer: private
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Facade painting – Sporthalle Troebitz


Facade painting Gym Troebitz

Customer: RKN Bauunternehmen GmbH
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Fassadenbeschriftung Lofo Café Betty’n Caty, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Kwast - Fassadenmalerei, Haus Berg

Café Betty’n Caty, Berlin

Auftraggeber: Café Betty’n Caty, Berlin
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