About scenic painting and film painting

The history of scenic painting is closely connected to the development of theatre. Fixed and painted theatre decorations in order to suppor theatre plays were already used in ancient Greece. The central perspective, which finally helped blooming the scenic painting, has been applied since the Renaissance. Back then large-sized paintings were created and required new techniques, which are still being employed in prospect painting and mostly passed on from one to another scenic painter. Besides prospect painting a scenic painter daubs fixed sceneries, requisites, and sculptures, and is able to imitate material of any kind. In addition to the stage, scenic painting is also used in films, events and exhibitions. New technics are complementing long-standing traditions though.

Theatre painting – Platform painting »Bella, Boss and Bulli«

Auftragsmalerei Kwast Berlin, Theatre painting, Platform painting

Platform painting »Bella, Boss and …«

Customer: GRIPS Theater GmbH
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Theater painting »Arminio«

Auftragsmalerei Kwast Berlin, Theatermalerei Theater Göttingen - Arminio

Theater painting »Arminio«

Customer: Theater Göttingen
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Theater painting »Mister Dynamite«

Auftragsmalerei Kwast Berlin,Theatermalerei, Mister Dynamite

Theater painting »Mister Dynamite«

Customer: Theaterhaus Jena
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Theater painting – Theater Dortmund, Borderline

Theatermalerei - Berlin - Kwast - Theater Dortmund Dekorationsmalerei

Theater painting »Borderline«

Customer: Theater Dortmund
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Theater painting »Ich könnt das Maul nicht halten«

Kwast - Theatermalerei - Theater Wolfsburg - Ich könnt das Maul

»Ich könnt das Maul nicht halten«

Customer: Theater Wolfsburg
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Theater painting Opera »Hoffmanns Erzählungen«

Kwast - Theatermalerei Hoffmanns Erzählungen

Opera »Hoffmanns Erzählungen«

Customer: Oper Rheinsberg
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Theater painting Opera »La Stellidaura vendicante«

Kwast - Theatermalerei Oper Stellidaura

Opera »La Stellidaura vendicante«

Customer: Oper Innsbruck
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Theater Brandenburg – »Schwoof« – Dekorationswände

Kwast - Theatermalerei - Theater Brandenburg Dekorationswände

»Schwoof« – Dekorationswände

Auftraggeber: Theater Brandenburg
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Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin – Theatermalerei Landschaftsprospekt

Kwast - Theatermalerei - Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin

Theatermalerei Landschaftsprospekt

Auftraggeber: Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin
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