Wall and Mural painting – a very old technique

Wall or Mural paintings have been known as cave paintings from the earliest history of human mankind. Next to sculpture they belong to the oldest testimonials of artistic decoration.

Over centuries wall paintings decorated palaces, living spaces, and spiritual places. Wall and ceiling painting peaked out in the Renaissance, when famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo led this art to flowering.

After the art nouveau wall painting lost its importance in modernity. However, for about 20 years, wall painting has been given a new boost. Many architects are using decorative paintings as creative design element by combining them in contrast with digital technologies.

Wall lettering OBJECTS Manufacturing

Wall lettering OBJECTS

Customer: OBJECTS Manufacturing Oberspree GmbH
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Wall painting – designs by Katja Brinkmann

Auftragsmalerei Kwast Berlin, wall painting based on designs by artist Katja Brinkmann, in a retirement home

Mural painting in retirement home

Customer: Artist Katja Brinkmann
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Osnabrück Planetarium – Wall Painting

Auftragsmalerei Kwast Berlin, Wall Painting, Planetarium in the Museum am Schoelerberg Osnabrück, Start

Wall Painting – planetarium in the Museum am Schoelerberg

Customer: Planetarium in the Museum am Schoelerberg Osnabrück
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Mural – and design Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Auftragsmalerei Kwast Berlin, Wall Painting, Wandbild - und gestaltung Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin, Dortmund

Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Dortmund

Costumer: Bundesanstalt
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Wall paintings »Carbon Age«

Auftragsmalerei Kwast Berlin - Wandmalerei, Malerei für Museen, Museum am Schölerberg, Osnabrück, Karbonzeitalter

Museum am Schölerberg, Osnabrück, Murals »Carboniferous Age«

Customer: Museum am Schölerberg
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Mural Diorama »Carbon Forest«

Auftragsmalerei Kwast Berlin - Museumsmalerei, Wandbild Karbonwald - Museum am Schölerberg, Osnabrück

Museum am Schölerberg, Osnabrück, »Carbon Forest« Diorama

Customer: Museum am Schölerberg
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Wall painting and doors with imitations

Auftragsmalerei Kwast Berlin, Wall painting, Puppet theatre Magdeburg, Startseite

Wall painting and imitations

Customer: Puppet theatre Magdeburg
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Wall painting – »Octopus«

Auftragsmalerei Kwast Berlin, Portrait painting, Wall painting, Octopus

Wall painting – »Octopus«

Customer: YarnLab
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Wall painting for Co-Working-Space

Wandmalerei-Berlin-Auftragsmalerei Kwast Berlin - Wandbild für Co-Working Center Mercedes Benz Start

Wall painting for Co-Working Center

Customer: Mercedes Benz
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Wall painting – Blues musician

Auftragsmalerei Kwast Berlin,Wandmalerei, Blues-Musiker, Startseite

Wall painting – Blues musician

Customer: privat
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